American Tuna 6oz w/Jalapeño (12) Pack


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  • Owned and Operated by Six American Pole & Line Fishing Families
  • Harvested by the MSC Certified Sustainable American Pole & Line Albacore Fishery
  • Canned, Coded, and Traceable back to the Certified Sustainable American Vessel
  • Small Pole & Line Albacore, Tested Low in Mercury, Hand Packed in Oregon
  • Every can is packed with a premium albacore steak and cooked once
  • Cooked Once in the Can, Natural Fish Oil Pack, No Draining!
  • Higher in Omega 3 than any other brand and 42g’s of Protein per 6oz serving!
  • No Water, Broth, Oil, Soy, Preservatives, or Fillers Added
  • Ranked as “Best Specialty Tuna” by Bon Appetit, “Tuna You Can Trust” Martha Stewart Living
  • The Highest Quality Canned Tuna Product Anywhere in the World

1 review for American Tuna 6oz w/Jalapeño (12) Pack

  1. Diana

    I can’t imagine giving any American Tuna product less than 5 stars. Like with all their tuna, the piece is SOLID and just enough jalapeno in the can to give you wonderful flavor. The heat level I would consider to be mild, if you like a little extra flavor, you won’t be disappointed.

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