American Tuna 6oz w/Sea Salt (12) Pack


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  • Owned and Operated by Six American Pole & Line Fishing Families
  • Harvested by the MSC Certified Sustainable American Pole & Line Albacore Fishery
  • Canned, Coded, and Traceable back to the Certified Sustainable American Vessel
  • Small Pole & Line Albacore, Tested Low in Mercury, Hand Packed in Oregon
  • Every can is packed with a premium albacore steak and cooked once
  • Higher in Omega 3 than any other brand and 42g’s of Protein per 6oz serving!
  • No Water, Broth, Oil, Soy, Preservatives, or Fillers Added
  • Ranked as “Best Specialty Tuna” by Bon Appetit, “Tuna You Can Trust” Martha Stewart Living
  • The Highest Quality Canned Tuna Product Anywhere in the World

5 reviews for American Tuna 6oz w/Sea Salt (12) Pack

  1. Kimberly Kochanny (verified owner)

    This tuna is unlike any I have tried before, it is delicious. I also love supporting an American company that processes its product (most don’t, even the “expensive” brands) and have even starting ordering it as a gift for my dad. After lots of research about the tuna industry, I landed here and will never buy any other kind. Thanks!

  2. Laura Wemple (verified owner)

    A strong American economy requires us to buy American. On top of it, nothing in the stores is this quality or American! Thank you to the owners.

  3. (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying it for several years now and I’m spoiled now. It’s not only sustainable and safe, but it’s the best tasting tuna on the market.

  4. lindawrright2 (verified owner)

    This is canned tuna as it should be … no added fillers or broth. This tuna reminds me of the tuna we had as kids. It is delicious and moist. it flakes apart with a fork and is beautiful in color and texture. Makes a great sandwich or salad or is just great to eat right from the can. No rinsing at all. I love this tuna. The price might seem high, but when you see how much more you get in a can compared to products from China or other overseas products, it is worth it and you get better tasting and more tuna for your money. The can Salmon is equally as good. I have recommended this product to my friends. Best of all it is caught and processed right here in the USA.

  5. Beth Wilson

    I have been ordering this tuna from American Tuna for years! It’s absolutely delicious, there is no waste, and I love drinking the fish oil in the can. I use this tuna to make tuna salad, tuna balls, or I will eat it as is. It’s very moist and when you break it apart, you see the quality! And I also want to mention their customer service: Every time I’ve called, I get a real person answering the phone and they’re always very helpful with any questions. Their brick smoked tuna is equally good! Five stars.

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