American Tuna MSC Certified – 4.16lb (66.5 oz) Can


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  • Owned and Operated by Six American Pole & Line Fishing Families.
  • Harvested by the MSC Certified Sustainable American Pole & Line Albacore Fishery.
  • Canned, Coded, and Traceable back to the Certified Sustainable American Vessel.
  • Small Pole & Line Albacore, Tested Low in Mercury.
  • Packed by Hand in Oregon, Cooked Once in the Can, Natural Fish Oil Pack.
  • Averages 8 – 10,000mg’s of Omega 3 and 42g’s of Protein per 6oz serving!
  • No Water, Broth, Oil, Soy, Preservatives, or Fillers Added. NO DRAINING!
  • Ranked as “Best Specialty Tuna” by Bon Appetit, “Tuna You Can Trust” Martha Stewart Living.
  • The Highest Quality Canned Tuna Product Anywhere in the World.

1 review for American Tuna MSC Certified – 4.16lb (66.5 oz) Can

  1. Lisa Wessels

    Best tuna I ever bought. Whole chunks of tuna, not flakes or mush. No added salt makes it easier to use this tuna in recipes. I separate this can into 5-6 ounce portions and vacuum save it. I have successfully stored this tuna frozen up to 9 months with no degradation of the flavor, texture our quality. Price per ounce for the 66.5oz can is .57 per ounce vs .98 per ounce for the 6 ounce cans.

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