Canned Tuna For Your Cat (6 oz)


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  • 100% pole & line red meat canned tuna, we call it “canned tuna for your cat”
  • This red meat tuna is not used in our standard American Tuna products due to strong flavor, but is still premium tuna and cats love it!
  • This product carries all the same aspects of our standard line and is cooked once in the can just like our standard line, no water, no draining!
  • Harvested by the MSC certified sustainable American pole & line albacore fishery
  • Coded and traceable back to the certified sustainable American vessel
  • Small pole & line albacore, tested low in mercury, hand packed in Oregon
  • 6oz’s in every can, packed and cooked once in the can, natural fish oil pack, no draining!
  • No water, broth, oil, soy, preservatives, or fillers Added


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