American Tuna

American Tuna is founded by American Fishing Families. The only tuna you will find in American Tuna Products, harvested one by one, one fish, one pole, one fisherman at a time. American Tuna products are MSC Certified Sustainable and traceable back to the harvesting vessel guaranteed by a 3rd party audit.
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Why Everybody Loves Our Tuna

Premium Quality

We source only the most premium pole and line tuna from the MSC certified American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA) fishery in the Pacific Ocean. All of our products are hand processed in Oregon & Washington State, custom labeled & cans coded for maximum transparency & safety.

MSC Certified Sustainable & 3rd Party Audited Traceable

Show Me the Fishermen

Our tuna is 100% responsibly and sustainably sourced. It is traceable back to the captain and vessel that harvested the tuna. Integrity matters to us – all our claims are independently verified.