Trace Your Tuna

Breaking Down the Can Code:

Example Code:
93 АТ06


Break-Down Top Portion of Code:

93 - Canner Code (Identifies American canning facility)
AT - American Tuna Original with Sea Salt (identifies the variety – see key below)
06 - Vessel Code (that caught the albacore tuna in that specific can)


Break- Down Bottom Portion of Code (Canned Date)

16 – 2016 (year)
03 – March (month)
29 - March 29th (date)
– Cook number (production run number at the canning facility)


Variety Key:
AKT: Smoked
AT: w/Sea Salt
ANT: No-Salt
AJT: w/Jalapeno
AGT: w/Garlic

Best By: 5 Years from Canned Date