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We Source Our Fish

All our albacore tuna for American Tuna is sourced from U.S. flagged vessels catching in the Pacific Ocean.  We only source tuna caught using one-by-one catch methods; the lowest impact, most socially responsible, and most sustainable fishing method – read more about this below.

Our wild-caught salmon is sustainably sourced from the US Pacific coastline as well as from one of the best-managed fisheries in the world – the MSC-certified Alaskan fishery. This Alaskan salmon is caught using gillnets or purse seine – which have minimal contact with the marine and river habitats, helping to protect the ecosystem.

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Labeling & Transparency

A core principle behind our products is the right of customers to know where their seafood comes from.  American Tuna guarantees the traceability of all of our products from can back to catch. 

Our albacore tuna products are traceable right back to the individual vessel that harvested the tuna.

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Why one-by-one?

One-by-one is a collective term for fishing methods that use one hook and one line to catch one fish at a time – pole and line, handline, or troll fishing. 

5 reasons why we source exclusively from one-by-one tuna fisheries:

- These fishing methods are highly selective, allowing tuna species to flourish whilst minimizing by-catch and protecting biodiversity

- One-by-one fishing gear does not interact with marine habitats

- This fishing gear is not typically lost or abandoned, minimizing ocean pollution

- These fisheries are very people-centric – providing employment and contributing to cultural identity

- One-by-one fisheries contribute to local economies of coastal communities, securing livelihoods

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