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Wild Caught Salmon



Our smokey American Salmon with a hint of salt and a touch of sweetness. 

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Ingredients: Smoked salmon, sea salt

  • Brined and brick smoked salmon steaks
  • Wild caught in the coastal waters of Washington & Oregon and up in Alaska
  • Traceable back to an individual U.S. flagged vessel
  • Hand Packed by our artisanal canners in Oregon
  • No water, oil, vegetable broth or fillers added
  • Cooked just once, in the can, retaining all omega-3s and flavor – do not drain!
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Customer Reviews

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Kathy Smith
Absolutely delicious!

We decided to try the smoked salmon after seeing it a few times. It turned out to be the most delicious of everything we’ve tried so far! It’s flavorful without being over seasoned, it’s tender, it’s versa and smokiness is perfect. We will definitely order this again.

Kathryn Riggan

I checked the website every day and on September 10 IN STOCK!! So into my cart it went. E-mail on the 13th, order completed, tracking# etc but when I checked the # it was not yet in the system. Thursday 16th order received! In a cardboard box that I can recycle and biodegradable packing peanuts that I can put in my compost. Haven't tried the salmon yet but I'm sure it will be as awesome as your tuna. So my 5 star rating is for outstanding service!


Get some while you can. Here's how I use it. While you cook about 1/2 lb pasta (any pasta but spaghetti, linugine, fettuccine work well), assemble in a medium bowl a can of AT smoked salmon flaked, zest of a lime or lemon plus about 2T of juice, about 1/4 c olive oil, a clove or two of fresh garlic minced. Add the cooked pasta and gently toss in to taste some capers and halved grape or baby heirloom tomatoes. Salt & lightly pepper to taste. Yes, the salmon is salty but the saltiness dissipates through the dish with the other ingredients. Cilantro or dill to finish, and you have a nice quick meal. This is one of my go-to quick lunch meals but I absolutely will not make it if I don't have my AT smoked salmon (smoked tuna would work too) so I was thrilled to see it back in stock! Always terrific to see them using recyclable boxes and compostable packing puffs.