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Wild Caught Salmon



Our smokey American Salmon with a hint of salt and a touch of sweetness. 

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Ingredients: Smoked salmon, sea salt

  • Brined and brick smoked salmon steaks
  • Wild caught in the coastal waters of Washington & Oregon and up in Alaska
  • Traceable back to an individual U.S. flagged vessel
  • Hand Packed by our artisanal canners in Oregon
  • No water, oil, vegetable broth or fillers added
  • Cooked just once, in the can, retaining all omega-3s and flavor – do not drain!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
curtis hibbard
The best smoked tuna in the world

90% of my family lives in fabriano Italy....and I go every year to spend time with my family....and 3 year's ago I took over cans of your smoked tuna, and when we got together on weekends for meals...I fixed your smoked tuna in many ways and the family fell in love with your now before I come over for my family tells me to bring more smoked tuna....this year I am bringing 12 cans of smoked tuna and 6 cans of smoked salmon with now you know Italians love your smoked tuna....and iam sure they will be just as pleased with the smoked salmon....

Smoked Salmon

The best!! Love your products and have purchased for several years. the only canned tuna and salmon I will ever purchase. Thank you American Tuna!!!

Brad Nelson
Loved it

After the smoked tuna, all store-bought tuna is just cat food.

Joan Yanoscik

I love the smoked tuna but felt the salmon was tasty but not near as good as the tuna to me the smoked taste was a little over powering and when I want smoked fish the tuna will be my choice.

Kathy Smith
Absolutely delicious!

We decided to try the smoked salmon after seeing it a few times. It turned out to be the most delicious favorite of everything we’ve tried so far! It’s flavorful without being over seasoned, it’s tender, i this mouthwatering smoked salmon, is versatile and smokiness is perfect for spaghetti’s, eggs, hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches. everyone who tried it loved it. We will definitely order this again!