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Wild Albacore Tuna



Our signature American Tuna, seasoned with sea salt.

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Ingredients: Albacore tuna, sea salt

  • Easy Open (Pop Top) Lid
  • One-by-one Caught Albacore Tuna sourced from an MSC Certified Fishery
  • Traceable back to an individual U.S. flagged vessel
  • Hand Packed by our artisanal canners in Oregon & Washington State
  • No water, oil, vegetable broth or fillers added
  • Cooked just once, in the can, retaining all omega-3s and flavor – do not drain!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ardyce Berg

Great service & product!!

William Nocerino

Best tuna available and worth every penny. I will never buy another brand after discovering it.

Lee Ann Carter

I am old enough to probably be not only your mother, but also your grandmother, and I still remember waking up after having my tonsils removed when I was 5 years old and the first thing I asked for wasn't ice cream but a tuna fish salad sandwich...that's how long I have been a devoted tuna fish lover.

Over the years it's become harder and harder to find quality tuna. Even the high dollar brands sold at specialty grocery stores didn't have the same texture or taste.

And then I discovered American Tuna. Not only do I love and truly respect the company's mission to provide safe ethically sourced tuna at a reasonable price, I love telling people one of the reasons I only eat American Tuna is because of the 100% traceability policy. In all that is going on with our world today, that is a huge comfort. Speaking of price, I stock up about once a year, always taking advantage of their frequent coupon offerings and free shipping and never feel as though I'm overpaying for the convenience and quality.

I started buying American Tuna when all that was offered were the 6 oz. cans and that was always a little too much tuna for just me, (my husband doesn't care for tuna, but then he also doesn't like tomatoes...I mean was he raised by wolves?) so I shared it with the cats. But then they introduced the 3.5 oz. cans and my life was complete! One can with a bit of onion, celery and mayo and I have lunch for 2 days!

And also FYI how about reaching out to Fresh Market and Earth Fare to see if they would be interested in carrying your products? Both of these smaller boutique chains are definitely your target market!

American Tuna: you keep doing you and never change!


I LOVE THIS TUNA. I was shocked to find most tuna is canned in Asia. I was going to stop using it. I found this brand. I love that they think of smaller cans for single serve. But if they did not have smaller cans for me I would still buy as this is the tuna I remember as a kid. Before they all sold out.


I watched a documentary about American Tuna about 10 years ago. Bought a can at the store to try. There has been no going back. Taste is incredible and well worth the price which actually is very reasonable. These are fishermen on the back of a boat line fishing each and every tuna. Not fishing with nets destroying everything in its wake. A chunk of tuna with zero additives. Can it get any better than that? Same with the Salmon. Multigenerational American companies is the name of the game for me.