American Tuna – No-Salt (6 oz)


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  • All Cans Now Have an Easy Open (Pop Top) Lid!
  • Pole & Line/Troll Caught Albacore Tuna sourced from the MSC Certified Sustainable American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA) Fishery
  • Canned, Coded, and Traceable back to Pole & Line/Troll U.S. Flagged Vessels
  • Pole & Line/Troll Caught Albacore Tuna, Hand Packed in Oregon & Washington State
  • Albacore Tuna No Salt Added, Packed by Hand, Cooked Once in the Can, Natural Fish Oil Pack
  • No Water, Broth, Oil, Soy, Preservatives, or Fillers Added. NO DRAINING!
  • Naturally High in Omega 3, Ranked as “Best Specialty Tuna” by Bon Appetit, “Tuna You Can Trust” Martha Stewart Living

12 reviews for American Tuna – No-Salt (6 oz)

  1. muddypawstudio (verified owner)

    I discovered American Tuna many years ago and have never purchased another brand since! I don’t drain the tuna, but mix all the oil and tuna into whatever I’m making and it’s always delish! I’m so very happy that you stick by your values and provide a sustainable and nutritious food that every well-stocked (and prepared!) pantry should have. Thank you! Keep up the great product!

  2. mollyussatis

    You will not find a better quality, more safe, or better tasting tuna than American Tuna. If you know anything about the tuna industry, it can be corrupt, just like with olive oil. I spent many hours searching for the safest tuna and I trust American Tuna 100%! Plus, the taste and texture of their tuna far surpasses anything else I’ve tried. I feel good knowing that I am eating the best! Thank you American Tuna for your strict standards and care for your customers!

  3. wrbcman (verified owner)

    This is the best tuna I have ever tasted. Nothing but one big can-filling piece of tuna with nothing added. It tastes so pure and fresh, and it makes all of my tuna recipes come out the best they ever have, if I don’t just stand over the sink and eat it with a fork from the can. Once you try this exceptional tuna, you will never go back.

  4. Karilyn Crolius (verified owner)

    We love American Tuna and have been buying it for many years. High quality, well worth the price.

  5. technochick66 (verified owner)

    I’ve been ordering for years. Top quality – you get what you pay for!

  6. lisa (verified owner)

    We love this tuna. It is by far the best tuna on the market.

  7. Nancy Wey (verified owner)

    When I saw MADE IN TAIWAN on the bottom of my old brand of Tuna I went in search of Tuna from the USA. So pleased to have found American Tuna! Absolutely delicious, tender, flaky tuna I recommend Amican Tuna to everyone.

  8. lilbuh (verified owner)

    Absolute best tuna fish you can buy. Love the fact it’s caught and processed in the USA.

  9. Kellie Brown

    The best tuna you’ll ever find inside a can! Worth every penny!

  10. cheharo (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the best tuna I’ve had. Everyone I have served it to can tell a huge difference between this tuna and the other brands. It looks so fresh when you open the can. I like the fact it is from the USA and family owned. I have placed several orders and will not go back to using any other brand.

  11. laubie2

    So when I don’t eat this tuna straight out of the can … I throw in some chopped apple and cornichons and mix in some mayo and about a teaspoon (or more to taste) of Dijon mustard. One can prepared like this will easily make two hefty sandwiches or three moderate ones. A good way to stretch your tuna dollar. Plus it’s ridiculously good. If you like tuna, you simply can’t afford not to eat AT; the very last thing you want to eat is cheap meat, of any kind, especially fish, that’s sourced from halfway around the globe. Treat yourself to this.

  12. hhaynes0843

    I’ve been eating this tuna for years and it is the only brand I will buy. Always fresh, top quality, and tastes great. I appreciate the way the company operates and it shows in the end product. Far better than what I’ve found in a store. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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