American Tuna's Sustainability Information

The mission of American Tuna is to provide high-quality one-by-one harvested canned tuna. Using a traditional harvest and packing method, we offer the highest quality, all-natural tuna pack on the market. Our products are hand-filleted and hand packed in Oregon and Washington State. Our Tuna is responsibly and sustainably sourced from the MSC certified American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA) fishery and is caught using pole and line, or troll methods. In these methods, fishermen use barbless hooks and poles to catch tuna one at a time near the sea’s surface. This approach is far more selective than the longline or purse seine fishing employed by most fishing fleets which results in the indiscriminate harvest of other species.


Where & How We Source Our Fish: We do not and will not source from fishing operations engaged in shark finning or other wasteful fishing practices. We will not source from companies associated with illegal operations or that have been listed on any blacklist, and we do not support practices such as transshipment at sea that help facilitate illegal activities. American Tuna prioritizes sourcing from healthy tuna stocks that are not overfished, are experiencing overfishing or are listed as vulnerable, threatened or endangered. In cases where an artisanal fishery employs sustainable fishing methods on a stock of concern, we will support improved management of those tuna stocks in question.

Labeling & Transparency: A core principle behind our products is the right of customers to know the source of the food they eat. American Tuna guarantees full traceability of all of its products. All of our albacore products are traceable to the vessel that harvested the tuna.

Local Initiatives: As well as sustainable and responsible sourcing of our fish, we pride ourselves in supporting coastal communities. The West Coast of the U.S. is reliant on this fishery to support the small ports and towns that make up this beautiful coastline. Supporting American Tuna is supporting the preservation of artisanal fishermen, micro-canneries, and fishing families.

Ocean Conservation: American Tuna supports the creation of marine reserves to restore depleted fish stocks and to protect ocean ecosystems.

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